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Hegre Art is a collection of the best that Petter Hegre has to offer. This dude has been nominated and won numerous porn awards and has been in the industry for some time. This is to say that he has amasses a big collection of films and erotic art.

But Hegre is not a one trick pony and his site clearly shows this since it has various things for members to enjoy. It seems that this dude has an eye for two things, 1) hot naturally beautiful women and 2) exotic beautiful landscapes where he takes his photos. 

If you think we are being biased, then visit the tour page where you can see some samples of his work. You will find small, large, and medium images that show you just how good this dude is with the lens. Dedication is what this photographer has and it is what he puts into this very good porn site.

And it’s not only those who are familiar with Hegre’s work that are welcomed to join this site. This site delivers erotica to all who love erotica! Also, photo buffs will love what is inside this site. 

With four and more years under their very stimulating belt, these guys have been able to release some 447+ videos, 168000+ pictures, and showcased some 221+ models. Nice!

The reason why the photos are so many is because there are updates every single day. The layout of the images is superb and you will find many 4000pxl quality High Res images! The color is intoxicating and the way the gals look inside is bewildering and extremely sensual. 

Inside Hegre Art, you will find the photos in one particular set can be from 15 to 170. There are others that have more photos in each set, so you never really know until you click on that link. The ZIP file for downloading means you and the beautiful models can be together for eternity!

It looks like Petter’s urge for finding sexually beautiful gals is never going to end. He keeps travelling, searching, snapping, and bringing you all this material to your screen. You can see what transpires on his voyages when you’re a member since there is lots of information about his trips inside the site. 

The world is huge; the amount of natural beauties out there is even “huger”. There are options inside this site that you can explore that will help you see photography, erotica, and Petter in a completely new light!

Innovation, creativity, and an eye for erotically amazing ladies is something that has helped Petter ascend the ladder and now he rules over this kingdom of erotic photography with a very tight grip. If you like to discover or are already in love with this niche of porno, then Hegre Art is definitely the site you need to join!