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Have you ever heard of the term ‘hazing’? If not, then you are not alone, but thankfully we have a fun site called Haze Her to, erm, introduce us to it.

It’s All About Girl On Girl Action.

Hazing in this sense is related to college activities and it seems as if it focuses on girls getting other girls to fuck them in front of others in some kind of sorority pledge. Now, I went to college and I had no idea that this was going on, but when you see how hot the action is, then I would have certainly spent less time in the library that’s for sure.

Group Fucking Is The Order Of The Day.

It seems as if these chicks need to get off by fucking in groups, but that is fine by me as it is certainly a lot of fun to watch. At times you can hardly see any space in the room as there are either that many fucking or that many watching the action. These chicks love to use toys and they love to cum hard and after initial nerves they have no problem with other people checking them out.

Your Pants Will Be Bulging.

The site is still quite new, so there are just over 50 scenes to check out and the same number of photo sets. However, even though the quantity of content might not be bulging, at least your pants will be because even the home page and tour is hot with the different samples of what lies inside. To be honest, as soon as I saw the tour I knew I had to join and I do not even see myself as being totally crazy for lesbian porn either.

Who Cares If It Is Not Reality.

The site tries to claim that the movies you see on their site are submitted by users, but you know something? I do not care if that is not actually true. All I care about is that Haze Her has hot lesbian porn for me to get my rocks off over and they certainly deliver on that part. Is there any other reason why you would join a porn site anyway?