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GF Revenge hot gals are made up of incredible looking galfriends, amateurs, and these gals are put in compromising sexual situations. The site definitely has some interesting video and pictures for those who like this kind of niche action. You will see that the babes inside take full participation roles in various hardcore niches. That means the site has group sex orgies, hardcore, boy/girl sex sessions, lesbians scenes, and so much more to offer all new members. We learned all this from the guest tour and we were eager to get inside and see what more we could salvage from this site!

The member’s area looks like it should, that is, things look neatly arranged for you! You will find that they have the girlfriend blowjob scenes, which are great. The gals naturally display their slutty inclination without so much prompting. The material that the site shelters inside its galleries is exclusive action. The material inside comes with date information. That means you can find out what the latest additions are and track how well the site updates the content. Currently they still have a weekly updating schedule!

The site has grown and is growing and offers you (the new member) some 311+ videos to watch plus some 300+ picture galleries as well! From the video section, you will have the flash player. This player is fast at delivering and streaming all the action these guys have. You will find it has features allowing you to skip ahead using the filmstrip navigation feature. For the images, you will have zip file formats. One picture gallery can contain more than 75 images.

In order to offer you full disclosure we have to talk about the lack of downloading options inside. This is a video stream only site, so members cannot save their favourite films by downloading them. The pictures can be downloaded but not the films. They also have a lot of advertisements inside the member’s area that should really be reduced. The ads may create a feeling of clutter and disorganisation, which is not good for the site. Other minor issues are things that you can stomach really, the package deal that they offer still looks very good!

The mixture of GFs inside this site is not bad at all. GF Revenge does have something tangible to offer members who like this sort of hardcore niche material. The site is user friendly with strong attributes that make it easy for us to recommend them to you! They are updating and will have more in store for you as the week’s progress