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Ever had that feeling incited by a fluke which you just can’t seem to explain? The thing is, it’s actually a good feeling – it’s the feeling of euphoria. Unfortunately, it’s been a long time since the last time I’ve had that kind of groovy, mystical and inexplicably magical feeling. It was not until most recently that I’ve come upon that sensation again. The reason being? As silly as it may sound, it is because of a purely reminiscent porn site called Dare Dorm. If only we’re flocked here in my room together, personally, I would definitely seize you by the leg and sit you down erectly in front of my computer screen, where I’m finally able to get a better sense of what my life was before – back in college.

You must be wondering right now what the whole premise of Dare Dorm is. I mean, sure you have a general notion, college boys and girls fucking and sucking and doing pretty much every position there is. That is true, but there are more truths behind this site, one being the fact that all the videos are user submissions, or at least most of them are. That’s the whole brainchild, create a website where college folks can simply publicize their expressiveness through video materials and whatnot. On an angle, it’s about selling one’s product, because the users actually earn based on the views they receive. The point being: there is pure spontaneity in the depths of this digital dorm.

Going inside the compartments of D. Dorm, we give our initial emphasis on the headcount. So far, there are 116 episodes to watch, each video ranging around 53 minutes each more or less. The quality varies from one another granted users have different equipment and methods of recording each video material. Nevertheless, management, as I would put it, filters all the submissions before deeming them passable as much as they are able to polish every video through their own digital tools.

An amazing thing about the DareDorm.com is that almost every submission is that of an amateur, so you’ll be surprised with how innocent looking girls can actually nail something to a total arousal. The Dare Dorm definitely gives you the sense of affirmation that you should never judge a book by its cover. Trite but definitely gets truer. Furthermore, with the site’s capacity to deliver authentic porn videos from their ever-faithful members, be it old or new. Totally worth the $24.95 a month of subscription.