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Did you know that when you fly farther in the outer space, you will either grow old faster or slower depending on which direction you’re going? News flash, you’re here on earth and you’re not an astronaut and nowhere close to being one. Do you really think there’s a possibility for you to defy the kind of timeframe you have been accustomed to or placed into due to the earthly circumstance? Getting to the bottom of this, all I’m trying to say is that it is already 2015 and there’s always no better time to change than the now. Also, porn is not bad. It’s actually good, but you have to make the right choice to make it that. To that end, let me present to you something for a change. It’s called Cum Louder, so read on and have fun!

Now, what do you need to know about Cum Louder? Okay, let me have this stanza dedicated for a quick intro and a way to convey the whole premise of the site. We all know that sex is fun and above that, sex is the most essential activity for procreation. Amen to that! That means to say you should not be guilty if you always feel like wanting to get laid, but you should also take it as an art. Therefore, you need to take pride in having sex by choosing the right partner and all those shit. And remember that the right partner always goes by the moment in the context of mere sex. So yeah, it should be a girl that’s willing to be controlled in bed or does know her way around every guy. It’s a mutual effect and the website shows you how all of that should be.

IF anything, you are going to have to pay for the site. Hell, nothing good is for free in today’s world under the reigns of economics. But hey, at least Cum Louder is not just good, but actually excellent. They have over 900 videos for you to choose from and these vids come from several different themes.

They’re only the same in that all the girls love and know how to make the perfect cum into the faces by craftily sucking the D. Each goes for about 25 minutes each and there are also photo galleries that go along with every vid. All these you get to enjoy for only $7.45 a month.