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It has been over a year since I was away from home. Well, my last memory of the war was technically way off before I came upon this place only known as The Beach. There, I was able to gain internet connection. And I had a laptop. So, in my seclusion from the rest of the world, I watched porn all the time! And my experience was more than exceptional, thanks to Brazzers.

Here’s a quick story I’ve summarized from Brazzers…

in first-person for higher intensity!

I am an introvert. That is not to say I don’t communicate. In fact, boy, I can talk, incessantly and I don’t run out of breath—but to myself. I don’t easily warm up to people, I clam up like a “Touch-me-not” at the slightest hint of a stranger’s misstep. My soul behaves like a border patrol, highly-militarized with high fences, the barbed wires charged with terrible voltage. With the next task a teacher passes on, I’m pretty sure I’d end up like a famished loot-grabber and cringe into a corner to do my thing. I am a difficult team-worker, not because I have problems with diligence and industry, but I have issues about the slack ways of people, and I am lazy about coming across or conveying my thoughts. With school projects, I have this terrible tendency to work alone, to do things my way—my own excesses and insufficiencies I alone negotiate. There must’ve been moments when the exigencies of the times require me to reach out to people. It is quite a struggle, my shy self grappling with social graces and most of the times never without a hint of clumsiness.

See how this reflection already set up the great wall at the beginning. But don’t get me wrong. There is an occasional permeability, or say permissiveness, that transpires in these walls; magical moments that allow me life’s bonuses that comes along with friendship. I do have friends, and that is what hones my “interpersonal communication” skills to a shine. In the safe circle of my usual clique, I am in my element—I talk, rant, whine and engage in oblivious banter. At the end of the day, I realized I’ve been wallowed too much by my illusions. I am not alone. I am married. I have a partner. And then I feel the ecstasy and exultation. I am happy and we have sex. Over and over again.

Now, what did you think about the story? The end of the summary actually marks the beginning of the actual sex in the video, which means there is mooore! So if you want this and over thousands more, subscribe to Brazzers for only $7.95 a month.